Thursday, March 26, 2015

New Handlettering and Illustration Prints in my Shop

Eeeeeeks, I am SO SO excited! After a long pause, I finally added products to my Luloveshandmade DaWanda shop again and today I want to show you everything. :)
Since the beginning of the new year, I have been doing handlettering like crazy, I simply couldn't stop. There wasn't nearly any day in the past few months where I didn't use my pens to create a new piece of handlettering. :)
In this blogpost, I wanna show you some of my favorites and and make you curious about what kind of prints you'll find in my shop.

Wow, so many new prints. See some of my highlights:
Nearly each print holds a memory for me. The original drawing of the cat motif was a present for my best friend which I made for her birthday. The handlettering 'Excitement' print has been made - well, can you guess? ;D - on a day of pure excitement to cope with all my happy emotions.
This illustration has already been made last fall, I love those bright colors and craft supply shapes so much. I also got this motif printed for me as mouse pad and phone cover so that I can enjoy it everywhere I go.

Trying to express my love for Berlin and sharing it with other Berlin lovers. :)
Two of my faves: my love for dancing (I'm listening to LOTS of loud and fast music these days and even go to concerts more often) and my love for colorful and delicious fast food. Mhhh!
Eeeks, I made the left one in a moment of happy excitement the evening before my last birthday. Enjoy and be happy! :) The right one is for everyone heartbroken.
Is there anything better than all those happy words on the left print? And of course, everything is better with ice cream on top, never forget! :)

Make compliments, other people will be happy!
For all the video game lovers and those who express their love through fast food! :D
This one was made during a day trip to the Baltic Sea. We should all go to the seaside way more often! :)
Mixtape love and words of motivation.
For all urban jungle lovers and plant fans. :)
Saying 'thank you' in a pretty way. :)

Wuoah, I'm so so damn excited! Click here onto the banners to visit my shop and to see all other prints!
Happy week!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

DIY Video: Princess Costume

Hello my lovely readers! Back at the beginning of the year, I have made a set of new videos with DaWanda for a little girl's princess costume. :)
The special thing about this costume including a pink princess dress, a magic wand and a sparkling crown is that the sweet little girl took part in designing the costume and then I sewed it just like she wanted it to be. :)
Enjoy watching the three full videos, showing how we met, made the sketch of the dress, then there's a full tutorial for each of the three pieces and you can see the little girl's excitement when opening the box with her custom made costume. :)

Make Your Own Princess Costume

Watch the video for sewing the dress:

Watch the video for making the magic wand:

Watch the video for making the sparkling crown: This was sooo much fun!

Maybe this was one of my happiest video shoots so far. Children are just awesome! :)
Have fun making your own kid's costume (or maybe a grown-up version for yourself? ;)).
See you nex time!

Project idea, content and performance of all three videos by Luloveshandmade // Produced, filmed and cut by wonderful Lena Schmidt for DaWanda.

Friday, March 06, 2015

DIY: Easter Handlettering and Free Printable

Hello hello, it's handlettering time again! I was recently contacted by a magazine (dekolux - coming out these days :)) and asked if I wanted to do some handlettering for Easter - here it is. :)
For you to print it out yourself, I made some Easter handlettering tags for putting them into flower pots or even into cake (the file for download is at the bottom of this blogpost).

DIY: Easter Handlettering and Free Printable

You can either print out those or make your own ones.
Moreover, I drew onto eggs for having pretty table decor during the Easter holidays. 
Last but not least, I also made pretty name tags for a coffee date or for inviting friends and family over to Easter brunch.

Supplies for Handlettering Easter Crafts

What you need:
- Hard-boiled eggs
- Permanent markers (mine are from edding)
- Rolls of (masking) tape
- Flower pots
- Wooden sticks
- Paper, pens, scissors, a rubber
- A hot-glue gun 

How to Make Handlettering Easter Tags

If you prefer the premade version, go to the bottom of this blogpost for downloading the free printable.
If you want to make those tags yourself, then first of all, use a pencil for making a sketch and for drawing the outlines of your tags. Try out different fonts and shapes for a more dynamic look and for some variety.
Next, use a permanent marker or felt tip for finishing everything. Then use your scissors to cut everything out, either of your own piece of handlettering, or out of the printable.
Then use your hot-glue gun to glue the letter tags onto wooden sticks.
Yippie, you're done with this easy DIY. Now you can use the lettering sticks to decorate flower pots or even cake.

Handlettering Easter Eggs

Making hard-boiled eggs pretty is such a nice thing to do.
Take the eggs and a permanent marker, pick out pretty fonts and write nice words onto them. 
While drawing onto the eggs, you can use masking tape rolls (or egg holders) to hold them.
Sooo pretty!

Handlettering Easter Namecards

Use a piece of cardboard and a  pencil to draw different fonts and shapes, try out several different letter styles. Then use a felt pen for the finish.
Now you have pretty namecards for your Easter table.

Have fun with working on handlettering and if you want to, follow my handlettering adventures and progress on Instagram. :)

Here's the free printable, click this handlettering printable link for full size download.
Happy day!