Friday, August 29, 2014

My Life in Instagram Photos: Holidays at the Baltic Sea

Today I've got some photos from the seaside for you. :) Back in my holidays three weeks ago, Flo and I went to the Baltic Sea. Those days have been super relaxing and we chose a spot with only very few people. So good! See yourself!
When we came there, weather was perfect and most of the days, we enjoyed lonely beaches and time just for the three of us.
Each evening after our beach day, we dresses up for dinner and ate delicious things.
As last year, our hotel was so pretty and a morning swim in the natural pool and the breakfast buffet were great.
Such a good time!
Evening at the beach. :)
Even rainy days didn't make it a less relaxing time.
The beach, the sea, delicous food and us, nothing more was needed.
Mogli went swimming with us all the time. In the beginning, he's always a little scared, but then he can't stop jerking aroung in the water.
Coastal bike tour above the cliffs.
Those relaxing days went by way too soon, but it was great and we have been relaxing a lot! :)

Where have you been this summer?


Wednesday, August 27, 2014

What I Wore: Pink & Blue at the Funfair

Dress: asos
Clutch: h&m
Shoes: vans
Earrings: handmade
Turquoise rings: vintage, gifts from my Mama
Sparkling ring: gift from Flo

Hello and happy day everyone! Do you remember me telling you about my happy week in Vienna? During those days, Stef and I went to the Prater, Vienna's traditional funfair with an awesome vintage charme, and took outfit photos there. I already published my first funfair outfit shoot with the photos that Stef took of me and today I'm sharing the other one.
While we have been spending one whole afternoon at the Prater, alternately taking photos of each other, I also took tons of photos of the colorful signs and buildings with Stef's great camera, so this blogpost is a mixture of outfit photos and happy mood photos from the Prater. Enjoy! :)
It was tons of fun posing between all those colorful sings and scary clowns. ;)
Matching my clutch, I wore those pretty turquoise rings that my mother once gave me, perfectly matching my sparkling ring from Flo. :)
Those leather tassel earrings are handmade.
In a perfect dream world, I would go to a funfair every single day. :)
My great new vans (this time in blue) have again been a great companion. They are so pretty!
Happiest girl! I've always wanted to take photos at a funfair and when Stef told me about the Prater, I definitely wanted to go there and suggested taking outfit photos at that magical place. We had a super afternoon!
Such a magical place, I hope I can come back one day!